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Getting Down & Dirty in Miami

AirBnb Trash Pickup typically starts off  with a late afternoon call from a broker or host that needs trash cans at an airbnb guest location emptied.  Since the city has scheduled day that the trash is collected the hosts often find themselves in a predicament where they are getting a lot of bookings and the trash cans are filling up fast. In order to avoid the guests having to deal with overflowing trash can they call us and we get out there as fast as possible. Typically between 1 and 3 hours from receiving the call.

Our trash pick services span across the South Florida Tri-Counties – Broward, Miami-Dade & Palm Beach Counties. As most of you will know the traffic in these areas can become rather hectic very quickly. There are so many reasons, like rain, an accident, road construction & peak hour traffic to name just a few.

Most of our calls are from clients that need the service “once-off” so we have to do them on a “first come first service basis.” We also have clients that have a lot of guest rentals scheduled, these clients have given us pick up days or dates ahead of time so we can plan what  we call a “milk run” which allows us to complete all these garbage removals via a predetermined route.

On routes like these a few pairs of good gloves, boots, some contractor bags and a good face mask become and essential part of our arsenal. Yes emptying trash cans can be very messy and super smelly to say the least. Let’s not talk too much the maggots and roaches having a feast in these warm South Florida trash cans! We would be lying if we say they don’t make our skin crawl at the best of times, but that’s the job. Since we don’t have your typical residential style garbage trucks, we often have to remove the trash and trash bags by hand to load them in the pickup truck and dump trailer. 

Many of the locations we service have guests on site so we need to enter very discretely, quietly do our thing and get out of there without drawing any attention from the guests. This has become even more popular since we introduced our 24 hour service which caters to the airbnb type guest houses and hotels that often run in to an issue with dumpsters that are overflowing. Yes we go dumpster diving too. Our after hours pickup has a small premium added as these calls typically require travelling to only one location which means that all the expenses of traveling there and back need to be covered by the call out fee which all host fully understand. 

In conclusion, if you own an airbnb rental location, are the host of a guest house or manage a hotel in Broward County, Miami-Dade County or Palm Beach County you can relax knowing that help to get rid of the trash is only a phone call or text message away.  Did you know that we do more than just trash removal? Our other junk removal, dumpster rentals and light demolition services are also there to help you when you need them. We look forward to adding you to having you as a trash removal customer. 

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