Need Demolition & Removal Services?

Demolition & Removal Services

Lite Demolition and Removal Services with industry-leading 24/7 demolition service and removal. We are ready to assist you with your next project. We offer Top Quality Service at Competitive Pricing.

Demolition Booking

Once we receive your booking request our team will reach out to you ASAP, so we can get it done in record time!
Responsible Junk Pickup and Disposal at Landfill - Junk Removal, Hauling and Disposal

Demolition Made Easy

Demolition Service. Call to discuss and Book your Demolition Project and Removal Service!

Demolition and Removal Service made easy. We are only a phone call away. 

Need to get a storage shed, jacuzzi tub, pool cage or concrete slab broken down and removed? No Problem! We’ve got you covered! Give us a call and we will get a Demolition and Removal Service Appointment Setup.

Our experienced team works neatly to ensure that your property is taken care of during the demolition and removal project. Once we are done we will transport the items to the landfill or transfer station to ensure that the items are responsibly disposed of.


How does Demolition and Removal Work?

Since there are so many different types of demolition jobs which could be storm and hurricane clean ups, removing a jacuzzi hot tub, storage shed or a pool cage, it is best to give us call to discuss the project and we will give you a price. Discuss Demolition and removal Service location, date and time.

1. Check Demolition Service Availability

Tell us more about your project and let us know when you need it done. If you have photos to help us get a better understanding of the project. Should the project be complex we will set up a time to come out and take a look on site, prior to finalizing a price or date.

2. Provide the address and some details

Provide the address and instructions for the demolition project. Texting photos makes it easier for us to plan the project. The more information we have the better we can plan it.

3. Pay for your Demolition and Removal

Pay a deposit for your Demolition Service to secure your booking.  Once the project is completed the balance of the quoted payment will be due in full. Credit Cards also accepted.

Demolition Service Concrete Removal and Hauling
Demolition and Removal PLUS

We do more than Demolition and Removal

We have experience in removing a wide range of items. We have done storm and hurricane clean ups, removed jacuzzi hot tubs, cleaned out storage lockers,  cleaned out compactors, removed commercial junk from plazas, removed building rubble and concrete, removed garbage for countless AirBnb locations, taken out pool cages and fences just to name a few. So whether you need something hauled or hauled away you can give us a call.

Junk Removal Made Easy

Hire us to take care of your Junk Removal...

No matter what type of Junk Removal you need, Garbage Removed, Trash taken away, Light Demolition, Hauling, Garage or House Cleanouts we are ready! We understand that people are so busy lately that they just don’t fit everything into a regular day, so for this reason we are prepared to even help after hours. We are Friendly and provide our clients with Top Quality Service and Affordable Pricing. Give us a call or send us a text message and we will do our best to get your project taken care of quickly!

Waste Management, Airbnb Trash Pickup, Junk removal and Dumpster Rental
AirBnb Trash & Garbage
Do you own an AIRBNB or find yourself in a situation where you need to get the trash taken away on days that the city is not picking up? We can do it!
Driveway Safe Dumpster Rental Services. Junk Removal, Dumpster Rental, Trash Pickup
Dumpster Rental
Are you busy with a project? Do you need to get unwanted construction debris out of the way? We drop off and pickup!
Storage Unit Cleanouts. Junk Removal, Dumpster Rental, Trash Pickup and Waste Management
Storage Unit Cleanouts

Do you need more space in your Storage Unit, or just want it Cleaned Out? No problem, we can get this done for you.

Garage Cleanouts Junk Removal
Garage Cleaning
Do you need to clean up a garage to make space for some new toys? We can do it!
House Cleanouts & Office Cleanouts
House Cleanouts & Office Cleanouts
Do you have a bunch of things that need to be moved out of a House or Office? Call us now!
Compactor & Dumpster Cleanouts and Disposal Services. Junk Removal, Dumpster Rental, Trash Pickup and Waste Management
Compactor & Dumpster Cleanouts and Disposal
Is that Compactor broken again and the Dumpsters overflowing? We can get them cleaned out!

Our Pledge... Ready to join us with this?

We invite everyone to join us in our “Plastic Pledge” to remove single-use plastics from our day to day business operations.

Garbage and Trash Pickup

Make a difference by cutting down on your consumption of products that leave behind a lasting plastic trail everywhere.

Garbage and Trash Pickup

We invite everyone to join us in our “Plastic Pledge” to remove single-use plastics from our day to day lives.

Garbage and Trash Pickup

Containers, bottles and other everyday items can be reused. Making choices that exclude plastics benefit everyone.

Garbage and Trash Pickup

Paying attention to the Life Cycle of the products we use and thinking about how they can be recycled make huge difference.

Dumpster Rental Driveway Safe Trailer dumping off at a transfer station
Residential & Commercial

We are ready to help with your Garbage, Trash & Junk Removal

Do you have something that needs to be hauled way or need some light demolition work done? No problem we are ready to help! Simply give us a shout!


We are a Local Owner Operated South Florida Junk Removal Company

Getting a Dumpster for your project doesn’t have to be a burden. Our 24/7 Dumpster Rental Delivery & Pickup Service allows you to relax knowing that we are only a phone call away!


We Love the Feedback from Our Clients!

We want to add you as a client and hope to be able to publish a copy of your review soon. Our website is built and managed inhouse, this means that we work on it when we are not out there helping to make our local communities better for everyone. However you can be sure that we will add your review. Also help us by adding a review on Google & Bing.

Top Dumpster Rental Service Provider

Needed to get rid of construction debris while I had contractors working on my place. I called them up, booked a drive way safe dumpster and it was deliver in only a few hours.

Gave them a call when we were done and they came by that evening and picked it up. there prices are great considering it even included the disposal costs. It’s a win-win situation!

Bela L.
Deerfield Beach
They got rig of the Junk in no time at all!

Needed space in the garage for my new motorcycle, but since I was busy thinking about the purchase I forgot to get rid of some junk in my garage. 

A friend referred me to these guys and within a couple of hours they were there. Friendly and super helpful.  

They carried everything out and loaded it up faster than I could decide what to keep or get rid of.  Highly recommend them.

John S.
Delray Beach
No more worries about over filled trash cans...

One of the most challenging aspects of running a successful Guest Location is getting rid of the trash afterwards on days that the city isn’t picking up.  

One call and these guys are here in no time.  Now we know our place will be perfect for our new guests every time. Will obviously be referring them.

Sarah M.
Las Olas


Our Gallery & Highlights in a World Full of Junk

This is where we share photos of the various interesting jobs we are faced with every now and again, never know what we may stumble upon.
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